Dr. David S. Alberts

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of David S. Alberts, MD. Dr. Alberts was a dedicated physician and scientist. As a founding member and director of the Arizona Cancer Center for 8 years (2005-2013), he was a national leader in the war on cancer. He recognized the tremendous value of prevention in the fight against cancer and was always thinking ahead about new ways to help individuals avoid this devastating disease. His passion for cancer treatment and prevention was indisputable, and he always inspired others to continue finding ways to tackle the disease and make a difference.


Dr. Alberts co-founded the Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) in 2006 with the ultimate mission to prevent and cure skin cancer.  He recognized the complex nature of skin cancer. He knew the ultimate solution was approaching the challenge from every angle, including raising awareness, maximizing early detection, and investing in new therapeutic discoveries. To this day, the SCI brings together innovative research, visionary patient care, and life-changing education and outreach to attain our ultimate goal of reducing skin cancer incidence in Arizona. We at the SCI mourn the loss of Dr. Alberts and his ever-lasting vision. We will continue to honor his life and work through striving to better prevent, detect, and cure skin cancer.

Dr. Alberts’ obituary can be seen here.