Unite to Fight Skin Cancer

The mission of the Skin Cancer Institute is to prevent and cure skin cancer. One of the most powerful tools we have to move our mission forward is information about individuals’ personal experiences with skin cancer. You cannot solve a problem without accurate information about the problem itself. The Arizona Melanoma Task Force was a first step in in identifying gaps in the reporting of melanoma. Now, we want to join forces with the Oregon Health & Science University and take our knowledge a step further.


The War on Melanoma™

Melanoma can be deadly, and it has taken far too many lives. One person in the U.S. alone dies of melanoma every 52 minutes! While we have made great strides in skin cancer education and community awareness, it's time to expand our efforts and increase our reach. We want to join forces with other states in support of research and scientific advances in detecting and treating melanoma. We have joined the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in an effort to create a database of information focused on melanoma skin cancer. Together, we will gather knowledge to find answers to the many questions that still remain about the nature of melanoma. Join the Melanoma Community Registry to help us find the answers to these important, and potentially life-saving questions! By joining the Registry, you give your experiences a voice by answering survey questions about your experiences. Your answers can then be accessed by researchers studying the many different aspect of melanoma. Your answers will help us discover:

·         Why melanoma rates are higher in some states than others?

·         Does the climate you grew up in versus where you live now matter?

·         Are there any genetic similarities between melanoma and other cancers that might improve treatments and survival?


Your experiences will help us beat melanoma! 

You will also receive research updates, notifications of upcoming melanoma events, and volunteer opportunities.