Tissue Bank

Have You Been Told by Your Doctor That You Have Actinic Keratoses or Moles?

The Skin Cancer Institute and Skin Cancer Prevention Program at the University of Arizona Cancer Center are creating a sample repository or “bank” to be used for future research to better understand the biology and treatment of skin cancer.  This research will be based on the personal health information of the study participants, their medical and treatment history for skin cancer or pre-cancerous skin lesions and moles, and the collection of their tissue, blood, and saliva samples which will be stored and then used for laboratory tests.

We are seeking study participants who have a history of actinic keratoses, also called “pre-cancers”, and skin nevi, which are also called “moles”.  Study participants are asked to complete questionnaires to answer questions about their personal characteristics, past medical history, and risk factors. Their medical records may be reviewed by approved study personnel to obtain information about their medical history pertaining to skin cancer and treatments. Small amounts of blood and saliva are collected, and small skin samples are collected from actinic keratoses and normal skin moles, as well as from areas of sun damaged skin and sun protected skin. 

Compensation for time and travel will be provided to qualified study participants.

For more information and to request a phone interview, please call 520-321-7747.