Pigmented Lesion Clinic

Patients at risk for melanoma, particularly those with multiple moles or atypical nevi, may be highly concerned about developing melanoma. In the Pigmented Lesion Clinic (PLC) these patients receive management and follow-up by dermatologists with experience in the surveillance of these complex phenotypes. Patients and family members also receive comprehensive skin cancer risk-reduction education from our on-site health educator.


A unique offering of the PLC is total body and/or regional digital photographs (TBDP) to candidate patients to facilitate more objective and accurate follow up of the atypical pigmented lesions. Most patients find TBDP to be reassuring in that subtle changes in nevi can be detected with relative ease. We anticipate that this technology will increase patients’ use of skin self-examinations when they are provided with photographs for comparison.

As part of a PLC visit, patients and their family members have an opportunity to receive the following types of skin cancer detection and prevention education from a health educator. The service includes:

  • Information about the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure and how to reduce these effects
  • Information on sun protection, including sunscreen and protective clothing
  • How to do a skin self-examination

To schedule a session, please call 520-626-1074 or email lquale@uacc.arizona.edu