Save Our Kids' Skin!

Great news for our kids! Arizona legislators passed Bill 2134, legalizing the use of sunscreen in Arizona schools. All schools can now make sunscreen available to their students, support its use in the schools, and even help students apply it.

This is wonderful news, and as a strong supporter of sun safety, the Skin Cancer Institute would like to help you encourage sunscreen use in your school. The Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) has a program designed specifically to help make sunscreen available called “Protect Your Skin” (PYS).

Skin cancer is a huge problem in Arizona, and much of the damage we do to our skin happens in childhood! Practicing sun safe behaviors like covering up and wearing sunscreen in childhood years greatly reduces the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.


The Protect Your Skin Sunscreen Kit               

2 Sunscreen dispensers

1 gallon of mineral-based, SPF 30 sunscreen

2 wall signs with sun safe messages & instructions on how to apply sunscreen




Order a PYS kit today and save our kid’s skin!


Arizona Bill #2134 - Use of sunscreen in schools

  • A pupil who attends public school in Arizona may possess and use topical sunscreen products while on school property, or at a school sponsored event without a note or prescription from a licensed healthcare professional if the product is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • A school district governing board or a charter school governing body may adopt policies to allow employees and volunteers of the school district or charter school to assist pupils in the application of a topical sunscreen product if the parent of the pupil provides written consent.

  • Except in cases of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or intentional wrongdoing, school districts, carter schools, and employees/volunteers of schools are immune from civil liability with respect to all decisions made and actions taken that are based on good faith implementation of this section.